The information provided in the Information on Humidity  is not absolute or  foolproof. 
For serious engineering calculation and  load estimates, please  approach the  trained 
professionals and authorities.  Please consult us for detail calculation  for  installation 
that requires a definite humidity control  level.

Our machine are not fail-safe product and it is therefore still subject to possible failures 
though in extremely few cases. For very critical dry storage / production applications, 
where product can be damaged easily by higher humidity, It is the end users’ 
responsibility to install failsafe devices, like an automatic switch-over system, 
and/or remote alarm & monitoring system or other form of spares and back up. 
The manufacturer or seller of this machine will not bear any responsibility or 
entertain any claim of damage of stored goods in cases where the machine fails 
in the midst of use. All the product using 220-415 Volt are subjected to the risk of 
normal electrical machinery like electrical shock, electrical fire etc if not used 
properly and not serviced regularly .  Thus yearly check and service is highly 

The machines are not intrinsically safe and  are not suitable for use in flame proof area  
unless specified.  For product used for more than 1 year, it is advisable for user to send
the machines for check, service and calibration yearly for safe usage. Contact of our 
service centre may be obtained from the shop or agents selling these machines. 
Prolonged operation without check and service is at the end user's own risk.

For warranty service,  it is the end user's responsibility to transport the equipment 
to and from the service centre .  Any transport needed will be chargeable even during 
warranty period. Warranty is valid for goods purchased with warranty cards sent back 
within 3 weeks from date of purchase, or with the purchase invoice as proof of purchase.
All customers are advised to keep the warranty card and Invoice, delivery order for 
proof of date of purchase.

Warranty does not cover break down due to wrong power supply,  very dirty  or dusty 
environment, chemical environment ,  environment not suitable for the normal operation 
of the machine like places with elevated temperature  (above 35 deg C)  exposure to 
natural elements  (sun shine and rain) ,  location in constant movement or vibration 
(eg rocking boat),  unsteady  power supply (poor quality generator).

Warranty is void if the machine is used in   wrong application like using an under-capacity 
machine to dry a larger than expected  room space, running a machine in an open and 
ventilated area, turning the machine at " maximum capacity" or "continuous"  for a
prolonged period of  time (more than 7 days) ; placing the machine  in location 
with air flow choked up by over crowded space. Warranty is void if the user does not follow
the instruction as stipulated in the instruction manual.

All machines must be transported in an up right position. Do not turn on the machine 
at the first hour after it has been transported.