Air Con for fresh air system and Low RH Air-con

Single CU system Multiple CU system

Technovation Low Humidity Control FCU is a special cooling cum drying air conditioning system that treats high
humidity inlet air.  It has a high latent heat and high sensible heat processing capability and is able to supply
extremely dry air with a single pass.

The Data Centre Low RH FCU is a system designed for high sensible heat load with low RH air intake environment
designed for computer data center or production floor that requires very low RH control.

Technovation Low Humidity control FCU utilizes state-of-the-art digital humidity & temperature control coupled
with programmable logic controller to provide the critical control strategy that results in a very consistent room RH
and temperature.

It is designed for room condition requirement  range from 18 to 25 deg C, 40% to 65% RH temperature consistency
of up to +/- 1** deg C RH consistency of up to +/- 4 %**.

A typical Technovation Low Humidity Control FCU does not use the conventional method of overcooling with
electric reheat to achieve Low Humidity. Instead, heat recovery with energy transfer is used. It improves coil
efficiency and is very energy friendly. Therefore system out performs many conventional dehumidifiers in KW
input per cooling output !   ( ** a small electric heater may be used for very precise temperature control system )

The above system is a multi-coil DX system for 100%
fresh air control with very low supply air dew point.
This system provides low humidity fresh air for one
way flow air conditioning with low energy cost.
The RH achieved is 45% RH at 23 deg C
This is a complete cased up unit for the system similar
to the one on the left side. A booster fan,  a variable
damper and a HEPA filter section is incorporated
for special application.
This is a 60Hz system made for a customer with special
high pressure one way low humidity supply air system.
This is the view of the left side system before casing up.
RH achieved is 40% RH at 30 deg C


This is a CHW coil cum DX cooling with
humidity control 7000 CMH system that supply 10 deg C dew point air.







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