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Mini Desiccant dehumidifier range.
    Simple installation as all air hoses are standard round duct with built-in round flange.

* Washable rotor * Self Regulating Heaters
* Zero desiccant carry-over * Easy Maintenance
* Stainless Steel Casing * Long Life Span



Model Capacity Dry Air Flow
[kg/h]* [CMH]
    DCA-010  0,5 200
   DCA-031T-10 1,4 300
    DCA-031-T16  2,1 490
   DC-50 R 3,0 550


  The DC series consist of stainless steel units, 
  which have found use in many applications 
  such as military storage, safety glass 
  production, water plants and especially 
  for water damage restoration companies. 
  They are also used for permanent installations 
  in buildings with mould problems.

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