Environmental Chambers / Cold Rooms 
/ Clean Room / 1 % RH / -40 Dew Point  Dry Room

We fabricate customized walk in Environmental Control Rooms 
with extreme and Highly Varied Conditions, include and not limited to :

*  Class 10 K, Class 1000 clean room with high static, low humidity

*  Cold room with low temperature hysteresis   

*  Freezer room ( -20 deg C )

*  Variable Humidity Variable Temperature 

*  100% fresh air with Uniformity, consistency , 
     Variable condition with negative pressure

*  CO2 control room

*  High humid test room with mid-high temperature

*  1% RH  /  -40 deg C  dew point  control Room

*  High precision Temperature control of +/- 0.3 deg C, +/- 2% RH

*  Warm Room / Hot room

*  Wet room

*  100% fresh air with other stringent conditions

We have in house PLC programmer, Air-con designer, customized Make up air unit
with low supply humidity,  combined CHW / DX / Post cool Desiccant dehumidifier 
unit, Heat Recovery Unit , Humidity Control Units, Heat Recovery Wheel, Heat Pipe,
Heat Pump reheat system .  

 132 m X 3 m x 3 m  size  Drying chamber with touch  screen Humid & Temp  control.
 This chamber utilizes a 1220mm diameter desiccant wheel dehumidifier to achieve  
 extremely low humidity at   mid-range temperature. It Incorporates a touch screen 
 PLC with dynamic display for zone conditions and profile of temperature ramping.

 A man operating the Touch Screen control before putting item for drying

  When the chamber door is open. Large 10 m wide sliding
    upward door without obstruction is specially design to
    handle long object to be dried inside the chamber.

 Hot Air Handling Unit to dry container tanks after washing


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