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Carel humidifiers  with capacities  from 1kg-130kg per hour

Carel  HumiSteam  provides a wide range of intelligent humidifiers. It makes use of immersed electrodes to generate a steady supply of steam, hence ensuring maximum reliability. The innovative technology guarantees a technologically advance humidifier for every commercial and industrial needs. With a wide range of humidifying capacities, from 1kg up to 130kg in an hour, there is a solution to cater for every needs.

The HumiSteam range of humidifier incorporates sophisticated controls to automate and monitor the operations of the humidifier. This allows you to choose between on/off control, proportional control and precise modulating controls.


- a particular system for detection of mineral deposits on the elements, together with a number of safety systems and alarm indications, makes HumiSteam an extremely reliable and safe humidifiers.

- as a further plus a protecting silicon cover protects the power connections. An improved version of the Anti Foaming System, AFS, eliminates foam and ensures the optimal concentration of "salts" for stable operation.

- the HumiSteam humidifiers have been developed to reach the optimal cylinder lifetime. The steam cylinders are fitted with a large body filter which reduces the maintenance operations linked to the accumulation of the lime scale.
In addition, the large galvanized electrodes with optimized design reduce the lime scale deposits on the electrodes and thereby increase the cylinder lifetime.

- customer can choose between the economical ON/OFF and proportional control and the precise and programmable modulating control.

HumiSteam can also be connected in a local network via the serial connection RS485 and the graphic display terminal HumiVisor allows remote management of a series of units.



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